Top 10 Grain Moisture Testers for your Biochemistry Lab Equipment

As a multidisciplinary scientific field, Biochemistry comprises dozens of major and minor branches, including but not limited to the following: Animal and Plant Biochemistry, Agricultural Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology, Metabolism, Immunology, Genetics, Enzymology, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Neurochemistry, Nutritional Biochemistry, Photosynthesis, and Environmental Biochemistry.

Although each branch is of enormous importance for the proper development of life on our planet, this article will mainly focus on one of the essential aspects of Agricultural Biochemistry – the measurement of grain moisture content.

Agricultural Biochemistry is a branch of Biochemistry that specializes in the examination of the causes and effects of biochemical processes occurring in plants and animals. Commonly, these biochemical aspects are linked with the growth of such organisms. The primary purpose of Agricultural Biochemistry is to research, experiment, discover, develop, and enhance various chemical products that will benefit plant and animal growth.

One of the most useful instruments in any Agricultural Biochemistry lab is a grain moisture tester. Since identifying and managing moisture content in grain, silage, hay, coffee, or cocoa is a critical step that affects the caliber of the plants, possessing a high-quality grain moisture analyzer is essential.

Therefore, this article will list and provide further information about the top 10 grain moisture testers that are suitable for any Agricultural Biochemistry lab. Due to several aspects, including low prices, fast (and sometimes free) shipping, and reliable customer service, people usually prefer shopping on Amazon. For that reason, we have decided to discuss the grain moisture analyzers that are also available on Amazon.

Agratronix MT-16 Grain Moisture Tester

Agratronix MT-PRO+ is a portable grain moisture tester with the moisture range from 5 to 40%, depending on the type of grain being tested. The device can directly read measurements for 40 differing grain scales. It is equipped with a 2.5-inch LCD screen allowing the user to select the preferred font size (large or standard). Backlit display ensures that the measurements can be read even in low-light conditions.

One of the features that makes it very practical is that it indicates the battery percentage and has a special battery saver mode, allowing the device to last slightly longer. The device can function in several languages, including English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

Regarding the specifications of the device, grain moisture content can be tested within the temperature range of 32-113oF (0-45oC). Along with that, Agratronix MT-PRO+ can provide results with the repeatability and accuracy of +/- 0.5% for stored grains with normal moisture range (5-40%).

The instrument is considered as one of the best multi-grain moisture testers since it can measure moisture content for dozens of grains, including but not limited to alfalfa, barley, beet, buckwheat, canary, clover, corn, fescue, lentils, mustard, navy beans, oats, peanuts, peas, popcorn, rice, safflower, soybeans, sunflower, and wheat.

Agratronix MT-16 Grain Moisture Tester

Agratronix MT-16 is a portable grain moisture tester (weighs 2.55 pounds), providing direct read-out for 16 differing grain scales. The device can automatically average up to 99 measurement results. What makes the device even more convenient to use is the shoulder strap that enables you to easily carry the case wherever you want.

Depending on the type of grain for which the moisture content is measured, the device has the moisture range from 5 to 40%. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted in the range of 32-113oF (0-45oC). The results of the analysis are provided with the accuracy of +/- 0.5% for stored grain with the moisture range of 5-40%.

Agratronix MT-16 can test grain moisture for a wide array of grain types, including corn, wheat, soybeans, beans, sorghum, canola, oats, rye, barley, sunflower, and rice.

Dickey John GAC 2500-AGRI Grain Analysis Computer

Dickey John GAC 2500-AGRI is a more advanced version of a grain moisture tester. It is considered as one of the leading devices for grain moisture analysis worldwide. The instrument is quite easy to use, which eliminates the need for any additional training. Grain moisture analyzer comprises several USB ports on the back of the device, suitable for USB devices, printers, peripherals, or software upgrades. There is another USB port in the front of the tester, which makes it easier to calibrate the instrument or connect a keyboard, mouse, and flash drive.

The instrument is characterized by a particular temperature-sensing unit, allowing the users to measure moisture content for frozen as well as hot grain. The operating temperature of the device ranges from 36 to 113oF (2-45oC), while the grain temperature can vary from -4 to 113o (-20-45oC).

Agratronix Coffee and Cocoa Moisture Tester

Agratronix Coffee and Cocoa Moisture Tester is specifically designed to measure moisture content in green and parchment coffee beans, as well as in cocoa. The device is straightforward to use and quite portable due to its size (weighs only 2 pounds); Therefore, it has significantly favorable than many other grain moisture testers. With the higher frequency, it ensures much more accurate results compared to other scoop-type moisture testers.

Moisture range differs for the type of grain that is being tested. Typical moisture ranges are listed below:

  • Moisture range for green coffee – 7-40%
  • Moisture range for parchment coffee – 8-40%
  • Moisture range for cocoa – 4-20%

Similarly to many other grain moisture testers, the temperature of this instrument ranges from 32-113oF (0-45oC). With the display resolution of 0.1%, Agratronix Coffee and Cocoa Moisture Tester provides results with the accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

Dickey John miniGAC1 Plus Handheld Moisture Tester

Dickey John miniGAC1 Plus is an easy-to-use grain moisture tester with a handheld design. The relatively light weight and dimensions of the device make it easier to move using its durable case from one place to another. The tester is among the top-rated grain moisture analyzers available on the market. One of the reasons to think so is its internal scale, which allows the user to weigh the grain directly using the device rather than pre-weigh the sample before placing it into the tester.

The moisture range of the equipment differs, considering the type of grain that you want to analyze. Generally, it ranges from 5 to 45%. Moreover, grain temperature can vary from 32 to 122oF (0-50oC) to get the results with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

Dickey John miniGAC 2500 Handheld Moisture Tester

Weighing approximately 2.5 pounds, Dickey John miniGAC 2500 is a handheld moisture tester that provides fast, accurate, and reliable results for dozens of grain types. Compared to other kinds of grain moisture testers, this device guarantees a greater sample temperature range with the “elevator” technology.

The device is relatively easy to use since there is no need to calibrate the combined moisture sensor. Instead, the readings and accuracy match the elevator. The manual control of the drying process makes can also help you to minimize propane usage, making the device even more efficient.

Dickey John GAC2100 AGZ Grain Moisture Tester

Dickey John GAC2100 AGZ is a bench grain moisture tester that ensures accurate and precise results for various grain types. With the grain temperature ranging from 32 to 122oF (0-50oC), the device can measure moisture content from 5 to 45%, depending on the type of a particular grain.

The size of the instrument allows the users to measure moisture content for sample sizes up to 250 grams. Compared to portable grain moisture testers, Dickey John GAC2100 AGZ is quite heavy; Therefore, it is not recommended to change the position of the tester frequently since it might damage the device and significantly influence the accuracy of the results.

Dickey John GAC500 XT Grain Moisture Tester

As a semi-portable bench grain moisture tester, Dickey John GAC 500 XT is among the top-rated grain moisture analyzers available on the market. The device ensures fast and accurate moisture content analysis for which you can perform in just 3 basic steps, which are the following:

  1. Selecting the grain
  2. Loading the sample
  3. Pressing the button

The maximum amount of sample that the GAC500 XT can measure depends on the weight as well as the size of a particular type of grain. Generally speaking, the instrument can test 250-gram samples at a time. If the individual pieces of grain are relatively big in size, the mass of a sample might be less than 250 grams.

The device can measure moisture content from 5 to 45%, depending on the grain type. Along with that, the temperature of the sample can be chosen in the range of 32-122oF (0-50oC).

Shore SS930-1 Grain Moisture Tester

Integrating weighing and testing units, Shore SS930-1 is an easy-to-use grain moisture tester allowing the user to adjust the calibration bias for specific types of grain. This ensures that the results match with any chosen reference. The device can test moisture content for dozens of grains, including rice, peas, beans, peanuts, and various seeds.

Compared to other bench moisture analyzers with the sample temperature range of 32-122oF (0-50oC), this instrument is characterized by a larger temperature range – from 22 to 160oF (-5.5-71.1oC). Furthermore, the moisture content that can be measured using Shore SS930-1 varies from 6 to 40%, depending on the type of grain.

Measurements can be completed in about 5 to 35 seconds, based on the operating and sample temperatures. If the temperature is relatively low or high, the device will take about 35 seconds to complete the analysis. This technique guarantees much more accurate and reliable results.

BAOSHISHAN 8188 Grain Moisture Meter

BAOSHISHAN 8188 is among the most accurate grain moisture testers on Amazon that are relatively affordable at the same time. Comprising 14 different measurement modes for 14 kinds of grains, the device ensures quite precise results. Another feature that makes the tester even more convenient to use is the built-in balance, simplifying the weighing process.

The following table show moisture ranges for the 14 types of grains that can be tested using the instrument.

Grain Type Moisture Range
Wheat 6-40%
Corn 6-40%
Soybean 6-30%
Barley 6-40%
Mung Bean 6-30%
Sorghum 6-30%
Canola 6-30%
Peanut 4-14%
Long-Shaped Rice 9-20%
Long-Shaped Paddy 8-35%
Japonica Rice 9-20%
Japonica Paddy 8-35%
Millet 6-30%
Adzuki Beans 6-30%

If you are looking for a relatively cheap grain moisture tester that can provide accurate results for a variety of grain types, BAOSHISHAN 8188 is a perfect option.`

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