Best 10 Loading Balances for your Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry is a laboratory-based science, which requires theoretical knowledge of Biology and Chemistry, as well as experimental techniques implemented in laboratories. In order to solve problems related to chemical processes occurring in living organisms, Biochemistry uses the knowledge of laboratory techniques and examines the processes at a molecular level.

To support the ideas and innovative experiments conducted in a lab, Biochemists need specific equipment, instrumentation, materials, compounds, and glassware. One of the most important types of equipment in any type of scientific lab is a loading balance. Weighing balances are essential for accurate and precise measurements. Improper measurements can lead to significant errors and unreasonable results.

There are various types of loading balances, which fall under the three major categories listed below:

  • Standard Level Balances – examples are precision and portable balances with the readability down to 1mg.
  • Advanced Level Balances – precision balances with the readability down to 1mg. Such balances are more accurate compared to standard level balances.
  • Excellence Level Balances – with the readability down to 0.1mg, such balances ensure maximum precision and accuracy. Suitable for weighing small samples.

Different types of weighing balances are available online on various platforms selling laboratory equipment. One of the most convenient ways for online shopping is to order products through Amazon. To make it easier for you to choose a suitable weighing scale for your Biochemistry laboratory, here are the top 10 loading balances that are available on Amazon.

Sartorius Entris Precision Balance 323-1S

Sartorius Entris Precision Balance (model Entris323i-1S) is characterized by effective and accurate measurements that can be used in daily work at any laboratory. The weighing balance provides error-free operations with the readability down to 1mg. The maximum capacity of the balance is 320g. Dimensions of the balance are 230x303x136mm (DxWxH) with an outer pan diameter of 115nm. Equipped with internal calibration points, the scale has a stabilization time of 1.1s.

User-friendly interface with clear control panel and short, menu-based texts (available in 5 languages) makes the working process pretty straightforward and unchallenging. Measurements can be displayed in suitable units, including but not limited to grams, milligrams, kilograms, carats, ounces, troy, pounds, pennyweight, and Newton. What makes the balance even more convenient is its fast response time and great stability of the display.

KOOKYOU High Precision Lab Analytical Balance

KOOKYOU High Precision Lab Analytical Balance is a good option for individuals looking for a cheaper balance. The price of the balance is approximately $100, which is quite low compared to other analytical balances. Although it provides high accuracy and precision, the readability of the scale is down to 10mg. Therefore, this type of loading balance will not be suitable for the measurements of relatively small samples. But still, it can be a very useful balance for daily work at the lab for the measurements of samples that weigh more than 10mg.

Along with its low price, the balance is quite easy to use and comprises various functions, including calibration and unit conversion (g, mg, kg, oz, ozt, lb, dwt, tol, etc). Since the balance is made with high-quality materials, it is very durable and perfect for long term use.

AD Weighing EK300i Everest Series Compact Balance

EK-300i by A&D Weighing is a compact balance designed for reliable and accurate measurements. Being relatively small in size makes it easier to store and use on any workbench in a laboratory. There is no need for power supply since it works on batteries, lasting for about 250 hours.

Single and triple ranges allow the user to use the balance for various applications. Another feature that makes the balance easier to use is its large LCD. It is also pretty easy to clean since the material is resistant to chemicals. Panel protection ensures that dust and spills do not damage the balance.

With external calibration, the balance has the readability down to 10mg. Therefore, this balance would not be suitable for relatively small samples. Other than that, samples with the mass over 10mg can be accurately measured by the compact balance EK-300i.

AD Weighing EK300i Everest Series Compact Balance

Torbal AGN200 is among the best analytical scales that you can purchase for your laboratory. With the measurement accuracy of +/- 0.0002g and the readability down to 0.1mg, the balance allows you to accurately weigh quite small samples.  The maximum capacity of the loading balance is 200.00g. The height, length, and width of the scale are 8.5”, 13.6”, and 13.7” respectively. The windshield ensures that small environmental changes do not impact the final result of the measurement.

The analytical balance is characterized by auto-internal calibration, large LCD, and 12 different weighing modes. Automatic calibration ensures that the balance is calibrated at all times and the measurement results are accurate.

The measurement system is developed in the way that it can interconvert 9 weighing units, including g, kg, ct, lb, N, gr, oz, ozt, and pwt. What makes the scale even easier to use is the step-by-step user manual displayed on the screen. One of the most convenient features of the balance is that you can directly transfer the data to a PC using a regular USB cable.

Although it is a relatively expensive option, the Torbal AGN 200 loading balance will guarantee the accurate measurement of really small samples.

Hanchen Electronic Analytical Balance

Hanchen Electronic Analytical Balance is widely used for accurate measurements in various facilities, including laboratories. The balance is equipped with a glass windshield to avoid small errors caused by small environmental changes. The large blue backlit LCD makes it easier to read the measurements.

Another important feature is the temperature control software which ensures that temperature does not have a significant impact on the measurement. The scale can read measurements down to 0.1mg and the maximum capacity that can be measured by the Hanchen scale is 220g.

The sensitive weight sensors ensure precise measurements with the minimum error. Measurements can be done in various weighing units, including g, mg, ct, and oz. Through an RS-232 interface, data can be transferred to a computer, so it is quite easy to access the measurements at any time.

YUNRUS Digital Analytical Balance

YUNRUS Digital Analytical Balance is a very precise scale with the readability of 0.1mg and a maximum capacity of 200g. Therefore, the balance is suitable for the measurements of very small samples. The draft shield protects the sample from contamination, breeze, or humidity, making the results even more accurate. The balance has to be manually calibrated.

The Blue backlit of the LCD screen makes it easier to read the measurements. Moreover, the unit conversion system is quite convenient if you want to work with different weighing units for the same sample. RS-232 interface grants the users to easily transfer data from the analytical balance to a PC.

Torbal ATN110 Electromagnetic Analytical Balance

With an auto-internal calibration, Torbal ATN110A is an easy-to-use analytical balance, ensuring great precision and accuracy. The capacity of the balance is 110.00g and can read measurements down to 0.1mg. Glass shield protects samples and the results are even more precise.

Torbal ATN110A comprises 8 weighing functions and 9 options for unit conversion, making it quite convenient to measure small samples. This model is among the smallest analytical balances on the market (dimensions – HxLxW– 11.75”x11.0”x7.0”). Its space-saving design makes it suitable for narrow benches in the laboratory.

US Solid Digital Analytical Balance

US Solid Digital Analytical Balance is perfect for small quantity measurements. Since such balances are usually used to measure very small samples, there is a draft shield that protects the sample from humidity or breeze.

The balance can measure samples with mass up to 300g with the readability of 0.1mg. Users can choose one of the 9 weighing units. Furthermore, the fully electronic scale is equipped with a backlit LCD screen allowing individuals to easily read the measurements.

Another feature that makes the balance even more convenient to use is an RS-232 interface for the direct data transfer from the scale to a computer.

Ohaus PX224 Pioneer Analytical Balance

Ohaus PX224 Pioneer Analytical Balance is among the top analytical scales available on Amazon. The balance is characterized by internal calibration and is equipped with stability indicator and RS-232 interface. Hence, calibration can be achieved through a simple push on a button and data can be easily transferred to a computer using a USB cable.

High precision and repeatability make the balance even more convenient for daily uses in a laboratory. The maximum capacity of the balance is 220g and the precision is 0.1mg. The blue backlit LCD screen allows users to easily read the measurements in any type of environment.

The glass shield ensures that the sample is not contaminated and the measurement is not impacted by small changes in the surrounding area.

Sartorius Practum 64-1S Analytical Balance

Identified as one of the top analytical balances, Sartorius Practum 64-1S is a great tool for obtaining professional results. It can accurately measure samples with mass up to 60g with the precision of 0.1mg. The balance is equipped with a backlit LCD and touchscreen, making it very easy to navigate through different options and functions.

Operating in English, French, and Spanish, the scale has options to choose suitable weighing units, including but not limited to g, mg, ct, kg, lb, oz, ozt, tls, tlt, FN, dwt, and parts/lb. Analytical draft shield ensures that relatively small samples are measured accurately and the result is not influenced by humidity, breeze, or even noise around the balance.

Data transfer from the balance to a computer or a printer can be done quickly using a mini USB cable. The instrument is assembled in a way that it is relatively easy to disassemble it for cleaning purposes.