Top 10 Moisture Analyzers for your Biochemistry Lab

Incorporating biological and chemical concepts, Biochemistry aims to solve and provide an explanation for chemical processes occurring in a living organism. As a laboratory-based science, Biochemistry studies how the chemistry of life works through the implementation of various techniques as well as proper equipment.

In a typical Biochemistry lab, you will see dozens of glassware, a wide array of chemicals, spectrometers, moisture analyzers, centrifuges, analytical balances, and many other instruments. In this article, we will focus on a typical moisture analyzer, its purpose, characteristics, and common application options. Besides, we will list the top 10 moisture analyzers for your Biochemistry lab that are available on Amazon.

Moisture is a liquid (water, alcohol, etc.) diffused in small quantities in the form of a vapor. On the other hand, the moisture content is the amount of this liquid in a particular material. Moisture content is an essential characteristic of various products, including but not limited to food, cosmetics, healthcare products, and medicaments. Moisture content is responsible for the physical properties and the quality of a given product.  Therefore, analyzing moisture content is very important.

A moisture analyzer (commonly referred to as a moisture balance) is a special instrument used for the determination of the moisture content in a substance. Consisting of 2 major units, heating and weighting units, a moisture analyzer implements the “loss on drying” method through which it measures the weight of a sample, then heats it up, and measures the weight of the dried sample again. Using this technique, the moisture content is determined by simply considering the weight loss of the dried sample.

Moisture analyzers are used in various types of laboratories, including Biochemistry labs. If you are looking for a moisture analyzer for your Biochemistry lab, the following are the top 10 options that you can purchase on Amazon.

Torbal AGS100 Moisture Analyzer

Torbal AGS100 is among the best tabletop moisture analyzers on the market. The instrument provides accurate and precise data by various profiles and multiple analysis modes (e.g., graph plotting, drying report, temperature calibration). The capacity and moisture readings of the analyzer are 100.00 grams and 0.01%, respectively. The weight of a sample is measured in grams with the accuracy of +/- 0.002g.

Along with that, the heating unit of the analyzer can be heated up to 250oC, which can be externally adjusted. Graphical LCD makes it easier for you to read the measurements in any type of environment. The dimensions of the analyzer are 8.5 x 13.6 x 7.9 inches (HxLxW). What makes the analyzer even more convenient are the USB, RS-232, and PS-2 Interface ports, allowing the user to transfer data from the moisture balance to the PC quickly.

Torbal BTS110 Moisture Analyzer

Torbal BTS110 is of the top moisture analyzers available on amazon. With the total capacity of 110.00 grams, the moisture balance allows you to determine the moisture content in your sample precisely. The readability of the analyzer is 0.1% for samples weighing from 5 to 50g, and 0.01% for the ones weighing more than 50g with the accuracy of +/- 0.02g.

The balance is characterized by 4 drying modes (standard, slow, step, and fast) and a user-friendly interface, allowing you to navigate through the menu and options easily. The device enables users to calibrate temperature and heat the samples to 160oC quickly.

The dimensions of the instrument are 7.2 x 11.4 x 6 inches, which makes it quite easy to store on a regular lab desk. Front LCD and keyboard are sealed and protected from dust and chemical spills. Through the USB and RS-232 interfaces, the analyzer can be easily connected to any PC for the data transfer. It can also be connected to a printer to produce drying reports or graph plots.

Mettler HE53 Moisture Analyzer

Moisture Analyzer HE53 by Mettler allows users to get precise and reliable through high-speed and efficient moisture content measurements. The instrument is characterized by user-friendly operation, which requires 3 quick steps: taring the empty sample pan, placing the sample, and closing the lid to start the analysis.

The repeatability varies for samples with different weights. For instance, repeatability for 2g samples is 0.15%; The value decreases as the mass of a sample increases. The analyzer can measure samples up to 54g with the readability of 0.01%.

With the drying temperature range of 50-160oC, the moisture balance provides two options for drying the samples: rapid and standard drying programs. The LCD on the front of the analyzer includes the progress indicator, which makes the management of the analysis much easier.

MF-50 Moisture Analyzer

A&D MF-50 Moisture Analyzer is commonly used for various applications. Comprising multiple methods for the analysis and guaranteeing accurate results, the balance is pretty affordable and convenient to use.

The moisture analyzer can measure samples with a maximum mass of 51.000g with 0.002g resolution. The readability of moisture content depends on the weight of a sample and decreases as the sample mass increases (samples over 1g – 0.20%, over 5g – 0.05%).

The heating unit is warmed up using a 400W halogen lamp and the drying temperature ranges from 50 to 200oC. The dimensions of the moisture balance (8.5 x 12.6 x 6.8 inches) make it perfectly suitable for any type of laboratory desk.

Sartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzer

Sartorius MA35 Moisture Analyzer provides an efficient way to measure moisture content in samples up to 35g in approximately 10-20 minutes. With the measurement accuracy of 1mg, the instrument is handy for daily measurement tasks in any type of laboratory. The analyzer is characterized by compact design, making it easy to store. Moreover, its rugged design allows the user to effectively clean the instrument and use it for a longer period of time.

There are several display modes for results, including % moisture, % dry weight (or solids), % RATOP, and g residue with the readability of 1mg (0.01%). Metal rod heater ensures that the temperature ranges from 40 to 160oC with 1-degree increments, depending on the type of a given analysis.

Sartorius MA37 Infrared Moisture Analyzer

Sartorius MA37 Infrared Moisture Analyzer is a very precise balance for moisture content analysis. With the capacity of 70g, a 90mm pan can measure the samples with a readability of 0.001g. The instrument comprises several options for measurement units, %M (moisture) and g for moisture content, %S (solids) and g for dry matter, and %M/S for ATRO (moisture content compared to the weight of a dry sample).

The design of the balance makes it quite easy to use and navigate through the menu using clear on-screen icons. Dimensions of the analyzer allow users to efficiently store it on a laboratory benchtop and save some space for other instruments. The components of the moisture analyzer are assembled in the way that it is pretty effortless to clean.

Sartorius Mark 3 LTEP Moisture Analyzer

Sartorius Mark 3 LTEP Moisture Analyzer is suitable for a wide array of tasks in any type of laboratory and production facility. In order to complement every moisture content measurement task, the instrument comes with optional modular add-ons. Through the advanced design and interface of the analyzer, the measurements can be completed in several minutes.

With the maximum capacity of 40g and measurement accuracy of 1mg, Mark 3 moisture analyzer allows users to precisely conduct moisture analysis of various samples, including but not limited to plastics, sugar, paints, paper, waste, drugs, food, chemicals, and cosmetics.

Radwag PMX 50 Moisture Analyzer

Radwag PMX 50/1/NH Moisture Analyzer is a perfect tool for accurate and precise moisture content analysis. With the capacity of 50g and readability of 0.0001g, the analyzer is used for various types of measurements. A halogen lamp is used as a heating source, allowing the heating unit temperature to range from 40 to 160oC.

The instrument comprises multiple drying options, including standard, mild, step, and rapid, depending on the type of a particular analysis. Furthermore, there are three auto-switch options: manual, automatic, and time defined. Graphic backlit LCD makes it easier for the user to read the measurements. The compact design of the moisture analyzer (dimensions are 15x20x17 inches) simplifies its storage, even on a relatively small laboratory benchtop.

Radwag PMR 210 Moisture Analyzer

Radwag PMR 210 Moisture Analyzer is among advanced line moisture balances. Characterized by the capacity of 210g and the readability of 0.001g, it is one of the most convenient analyzers available on Amazon. Evidently, the balance can measure twice as large samples compared to the majority of the analyzers on the market. Therefore, this is a perfect option for individuals performing moisture content analysis on relatively larger samples.

An extensive database system allows multiple operators to work with the same instrument and efficiently collect measurements. The moisture analyzer comprises a total of 6 databases, including users (up to 10), products (up to 1000), weighings (up to 1000), tares (up to 100), programs (up to 100), and drying process reports (up to 1000). The USB port makes it pretty easy to import or export necessary data from the device to a PC or vice versa.

Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer

Ohaus MB27 Moisture Analyzer is characterized by particular durability since it is made with high-quality plastic. Suitable for most applications in any type of laboratory work, the moisture analyzer can read the measurements with 0.001g accuracy. Application modes include percent moisture determination, percent solid determination, and weighing.

Another feature of the moisture balance is its halogen lamp and dual weight-temperature calibration, providing fast and reliable measurements within several minutes. Touch buttons and backlit LCD are covered and protected from accidental spills and dust. The analyzer is also equipped with an RS-232 interface, allowing users to transfer data from the instrument to a PC.

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