Top 7 Commercial Ozone Generators Available on Amazon

Air purification is crucial to reduce airborne contaminants that can trigger numerous respiratory infections or even neurological problems.

There are a few different types of air purifiers, ozone generators being among the most effective options for removing biological contaminants. While ozone generators offer unique benefits, choosing the right one based on your needs is essential.

In this article, you’ll find the top 7 commercial ozone generators, handpicked for their exceptional performance. For anyone who doesn’t have much experience with air purifiers, the article also explains what to consider when shopping for an ozone generator.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Ozone Generator

There are barely any universal ozone generators that work for every possible scenario. That being said, these air purifier devices should be selected based on specific purposes and applications

The factors you should consider to choose the best commercial ozone generator include its type, size, durability, quality, ozone output, safety features, and any additional characteristics you may benefit from. 

So, before we list the best ozone generators you can order online, take a look at the features you should pay attention to when purchasing one.

Ozone Generator Type

First things first, let’s discuss the main types of ozone generators and their features to determine which one would work best for you.

There are four main types of ozone generators. These include:

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators

These devices produce ozone from electrical discharge, also known as spark. The spark splits the oxygen molecule into elemental oxygen, which then binds to another oxygen molecule, forming ozone.

The primary advantages of corona discharge ozone generators are enhanced sustainability, increased ozone production, and cost-effectiveness.

UV Ozone Generators

In nature, ozone is produced from UV light and this technique is widely used for generating ozone for commercial applications. So, in UV ozone generators, an ultraviolet light source is used to produce ozone.

As the amount of ozone produced through this method is significantly low, such generators have limited uses.

Cold Plasma Ozone Generators

These generators use dielectric discharge to create cold plasma. When gaseous oxygen is exposed to cold plasma, it splits into elemental oxygen, which then recombines with other elemental oxygen atoms to form ozone.

Cold plasma ozone generators are beneficial as they provide high ozone performance with low power input required.

Electrolytic Ozone Generators

This type of ozone generator uses electrolytic technology to produce ozone from water rather than gaseous air or oxygen. In the process, water molecules are first split into hydrogen and oxygen molecules, and then oxygen splits into elemental oxygen to form ozone.

Although high-quality electrolytic ozone generators are quite expensive, they offer a broad range of applications, including in pharmaceutical facilities, wastewater treatment, soil purification, and air pollution control.

Ozone Output

Ozone output is a mass-over-time value that indicates the amount of ozone in milligrams produced per hour (mg/h). Although rarely, ozone output can also be measured in g/h or lb/day.

In some cases, ozone generators offer a range of ozone output values that you can set manually based on your needs.

When used for commercial or industrial applications, you should ensure that the ozone output is high enough for it to be effective.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that ozone output should be carefully adjusted to avoid the accumulation of unhealthy levels of ozone in the air.

This article explains how to calculate ozone output or measure it using a special ozone measurement device.

Ozone Generator Size

Ozone generators come in several size options to cater to different needs and applications.

When selecting the size of an ozone generator, you should think of the required ozone output, intended uses, and energy consumption.

Larger ozone generators usually have increased production capacity and are suitable for large-scale applications.

On the other hand, small ozone generators are ideal for limited spaces and mobile applications.

In terms of energy consumption, large generators have higher electric power requirements and, therefore, are less energy-efficient and more expensive.


Durability is another factor to keep in mind. In the long term, investing in a durable ozone generator is a better choice as the machine will last longer. That being said, you also save on the installation costs.

In addition, high-quality ozone generators are not only durable but also safer to use since they are designed and assembled based on specific standards.

Safety Features

When buying an ozone generator, you should always pay attention to the safety features.

First, check if the generator has a relevant certification indicating that it meets specific safety standards and comes with detailed user’s manual for additional instructions.

Also pay attention to the casing of an ozone generator. The generator must be enclosed in a way that the risk of accidental contact with electrical components is minimized.

Don’t forget to look for any additional features that would make an ozone generator even safer. It could be ozone output monitoring, integrated timers, automatic turn-off function, ozone concentration management, or airflow adjustment.

Read more about the ozone generator safety tips in this user manual provided by the leading manufacturer, OdorFree.

The 7 Best Commercial Ozone Generators on Amazon

Whether you’re looking for a high-end ozone generator or you want to purchase one on a budget, below we share some of the best options to choose from.

#1. Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator

This commercial ozone generator is designed to remove leftover odors from smoke, volatile organic compounds, cooking, pets, and more. It can be used for homes, schools, offices, gyms, restaurants, and even cars.

With an ozone output of 5,000 mg/h, this generator is powerful enough to handle up to 2,000 ft2 spaces.

The ozone generator comes with easy-to-follow instructions and safety guidelines, making it pretty straightforward to solve any odor-related problems.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Ozone output of 5,000 mg/h

✔️ Adjustable timer from 0 to 120 minutes

✔️ 5,000-hour lifespan due to its long-lasting ozone plate

✔️ User-friendly

✔️ Affordable


❌ You can’t adjust ozone output

❌ Lack of controls

❌ Not suitable for very large areas

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#2. Commercial Ozone Generator with Remote Control

If you’re looking for a commercial ozone generator that you can control from a distance, this option is for you.

The generator comes with a remote control, allowing you to set timers or turn on/off the machine via your phone.

Due to its powerful ozone output, the generator is ideal for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.

When used correctly, this ozone generator can even treat areas that have been damaged by fire or water.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Ozone output of 10,000 mg/h

✔️ Remote control via your phone

✔️ Free app for your phone

✔️ Voice control

✔️ Affordable


❌ No ozone output adjustability

❌ Not as many settings as some other generators

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#3. Aldious Ozone Generator

This is a high-capacity industrial ozone generator designed for large rooms, public transportation, newly renovated houses, and more.

The generator is suitable for removing smells from cooking, pets, smoke, paint, moldy floors, or musty odors. It can effectively deodorize areas while killing bacteria and disinfecting items.

As the ozone generator is made of high-quality materials, it’s quite durable and, therefore, can be a reasonable investment.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Ozone output of 20,000 mg/h

✔️ Can handle areas up to 3,200 ft2

✔️ Timer from 0 to 120 minutes

✔️ Remote control

✔️ Affordable


❌ No ozone output control

❌ No advanced safety features

❌ May leave a strong unpleasant smell

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#4. New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Generator

Among various high-end ozone generators, this machine is renowned for its unique mechanism of action.

It has a 6-stage ozone generation and air purification system, which includes:

  • HEPA filtration for airborne pollutants
  • UV light for viruses, bacteria, and mold
  • Activated charcoal for odor and impurity removal
  • Ozone generation for odor reduction
  • Negative ion filtration for remaining airborne impurities
  • Photocatalytic air purification to convert pollutants into harmless substances

Through independent testing, this ozone generator has demonstrated 90.36% to 99.99% effectiveness against natural bacteria in the air, black mold spores, symbiont bacteria, and viruses.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Suitable for up to 3,000 ft2 spaces

✔️ Top-quality ozone generator

✔️ 6-step filtration and air purification

✔️ Ozone output control

✔️ Fan speed adjustability

✔️ Durable acrylic construction

✔️ Lightweight and portable


❌ Ozone output not specified

❌ More expensive than other ozone generators

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#5. OdorFree 4000 Ozone Generator

If you’re looking for a portable ozone generator to alternate between small spaces and larger environments, here’s the best option for you.

The generator is designed to eliminate odors at their source. Whether you’re dealing with chemical and paint odors or you want to remove the smell of fire and water damage, the OdorFree ozone generator can be the right choice.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Ozone output from 150 to 2,800 mg/h

✔️ Covers up to 4,000 ft2 areas

✔️ Adjustable ozone output

✔️ 1 to 12-hour timer

✔️ Portable and easy-to-store

✔️ High-quality and very durable


❌ More on the expensive side

❌ Heavier than other ozone generators

❌ Not as suitable for mobile applications due to its weight

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#6. Enerzen O-UVC3 – HEPA + UV Light Industrial Ozone Generator

This ozone generator offers one of the highest ozone outputs you can find on the market.

By producing up to 40 grams of ozone per hour, the generator can deodorize large or very smelly areas, such as dumpsters, homes, boats, and more.

What makes this ozone generator unique is that it features a HEPA filter, a UV-C bulb, and negative ions, making the air purification process even more effective.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Adjustable ozone output ranges from 150 to 40,000 mg/h

✔️ Can handle up to 9,000 ft2 areas

✔️ Timer up to 12 hours

✔️ 3-step filtration

✔️ Long-lasting


❌ A bit expensive

❌ Heavier and less portable then other generators

❌ May not come with detailed instructions

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#7. Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

This commercial ozone generator is ideal for anyone who values increased hours of operation and durability.

Manufacturers guarantee that you won’t have to replace the filter before the machine reaches 20,000 hours of operation.

To ensure that the device deal with various odors effectively, it’s equipped with a robust fan that increases air circulation through the system by 50%.

Pros and Cons

✔️ Ozone output of 15,000 mg/h

✔️ Timer up to 2 hours

✔️ 20,000 hours of guaranteed service life

✔️ Strong fan for improved air circulation

✔️ Extra durability due to the industrial powder-coated exterior

✔️ Budget-friendly


❌ You can only adjust time not the ozone output

❌ May leave a strong smell

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Summing up, a commercial ozone generator is an excellent solution to unpleasant odors in homes, schools, offices, restaurants, vehicles, and more.

Keep in mind that ozone generators can only be used in unoccupied spaces. Besides, you should wait for a few hours after the generator has been turned off to avoid exposure to ozone.

There are many different types of ozone generators, each designed for a particular purpose. That being said, you should always select an air purifier based on the intended application.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the type, size, durability, and safety features of an ozone generator.

Lastly, ozone output is also an important factor that indicates whether the selected device can cover a given area or a more powerful one should be used instead.

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